Joanna Muzyka


made of glass is soulfully designed to draw attention to ignorance and any form of physical and emotional violence against women. Emphasizing the gender-based struggles of women in the world and also underlines the “lack of freedom” even in its most basic forms. Glass piece is also a symbol of my good and bad memories, an object in which I locked all my female strength and energy.
Our world is made of contrasts, to which I also add my element of a bittersweet puzzle.

Joanna Muzyka is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (Poland), where she met the glass material that she uses in her work. In the fire of the glass burner, the designer creates glass jewelry forms of ethereal, minimalist beauty.

The designer uses borosilicate glass, which is hard and durable and is ideal for creating jewelry forms. The designer's hallmark is collections of glass jewelry with gold leaves.