House on Mars

Our gallery's mission is to offer a collection of meticulously designed and crafted pieces that capture the essence of our times. These objects are a reflection of the present moment. Just as every era in history has been unique, the way artists and designers respond to our current times provides a captivating window into our culture. Our selection encompasses a spectrum of production methods, some rooted in tradition and others boldly innovative, as well as a variety of materials.
These elements come together to create pieces that are playful, opinionated, and often quite bold, especially in the realm of wearable art and jewellery. Each creation conveys the spirit of a new era in “making” and consumption, offering insights into our needs, desires, and occasionally bringing a smile to our faces. The “playful” element is undeniable in our repertoire, where an enchanting obsession with wearable art and jewellery is evident, alongside a deep appreciation for the human desire to create and adorn.
We aim to bring joy. We aim to preserve. At Collect 2021, the gallery artists Anna Ray was awarded the Brookfield Properties Crafts Council Collection Award, and the Crafts Council England acquiring two extensive works of the gallery for their permanent collection.The wonderful “Weave” and “Capture” pieces are now part of the material memory of the Crafts Councils Collection. At Collect 2022, we were awarded the “Outstanding display” award. A celebration of all of our artists and designers and their labour of love!

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