Helka Kettunen

The use of fossil fuels has an increasingly strong effect on the climate and global temperature. We need climate action now. Progress in research gives rise to the hope that future generations will be able to produce energy in a cleaner way. This jewellery, which radiates colours, is inspired by news coverage of fusion energy. Fusion energy would be a rather pollution-free way of producing energy for which seawater is a raw material. In the jewelry, the symbol of the earthen background is a square, brown photo frame with a side of 6 cm. It is attached with a leather strap to the CD, which symbolizes water. The diameter of the CD disc is 12 cm. acrylic paint and plastic have been added to the CD. The CD has been heated to melt the surface. The color of the surface varies and sparkles depending on the lighting. Black leather straps (26 cm) are attached to the photo frame. Leather straps are finished with lace ends and an easy-to-wear lock.

I've always believed in lifelong learning. At first, I qualified as jewellery maker. After two years I noticed that art does not provide a sufficient standard of living for me. Therefore, I pursued another career and graduated as a youth worker, but at the same time I continued to study further I graduated as a Master of Arts (Education) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Education). The local government became familiar through various job assignments from a leisure instructor to a senior youth worker. I have also been employed as a teacher in different school levels: in pre-school, primary and secondary school, vocational training school and at university. Making jewelry is my passion, so at that time, I made jewellery on order. When I retired, I restarted to as a freelancer. In my jewellery, I combine both natural and artificial materials: such as recycled leather, CDs and everyday items. I`m a member of Suomen Kultaseppien Liitto (The Goldsmith Association of Finland) and a member of Union of Finnish Art Associations. I'm happy to share my knowledge of jewellery making and I'm learning more and more myself.

Doctor of Philosophy (Education), University of Joensuu 2005, Finland
Master of Arts (Education), University of Joensuu, 1993, Finland
Municipal youth work course, University of Tampere 1974, Finland
Youth counselor qualification 1972 Suomen Nuoriso-Opisto, Finland
Jewelery maker's degree 1970, vocational studies in Rääkkylä, Finland

Waves of color Outokumpu Old Mine group exhibition 16. 5.–31. 8. 2022
With joy Outokumpu Library Gallery group exhibition 2.–28. 2. 2022
Postcard Outokumpu Library Gallery together with Ritva Rouvinen 1.– 31. 12. 2021
Annual exhibitions of the Outokumpu Art Association in 2008–2019
Pelasta kirja solo exhibition Outokumpu Library 1.–31. 5. 2016

Memories - video in a Program Näin kansakunnan muisti pätkii on Finnish television
17. 11. 2017
Muistikuvia – video in Kuopio Art Museum
9.–16. 9. 2017
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