C A R A - Andreea Carastoian

sTep Up Collection

This collection represents a new sTep in my creative exploration of silver and concrete jewelry. Wax carving made my imagination dare a lot more this time, sTepping Up my creative work experience. The story behind this collection comes from my latest travels to Italy. The old piazetta stairs with their uneven and imperfect sTeps fascinate me. The concrete represents strength and durability over time, while the touch of yellow and pink gold reminds us of Italy's rich heritage.

CARA is actually Andreea CARAstoian, who has been passionate about jewelry and geometrical shapes from childhood. I joined the basic courses organized by Assamblage Contemporary Jewelry School. With my first silver and concrete pieces I was selected to participate to the 2020 First Edition of Romanian Jewelry Week. This experience proved to be an important milestone in my future development as a jewelry designer.