Ana Baldini

This ring is a composition of three primordial marine creatures, made using traditional silversmithing techniques such as wax sculpting and casting, cutting, soldering and shaping sheet metal.

It is difficult to place it in time; It has a surface which was coloured with fire, giving it an aura of having been found buried in the earth or under the sea. Like an object retrieved from a shipwreck, this ring appears to have had layers stripped back by the water.

Just as the ocean can swallow a ship (or a continent) whole, so our consciousness can be submerged by the deep waters of our psyche. This ring is an amulet which will not let us forget this.

Ana makes everything from scratch, including her own precious metal alloys and solder. She doesn’t over-polish her pieces, as she likes how imperfections can tell the story of how they were made. It has been said of her pieces that they unite past and future, at once harking back to something ancestral, as if unearthed by an archaeologist, whilst also having a contemporary and ludic quality. Her depictions of animals have a sense of humour and a certain theatricality, reminding one of ancient toys or stage props.

Ana’s work is strongly influenced by nature, both in a scientific and symbolic sense. She is particularly interested in how we draw on it as a source for our systems of social and individual symbologies. Ana aims to create jewellery which is not only an adornment but also a symbolic object to the person who wears it, perhaps marking an important moment in one’s life and becoming a part of their everyday.

Ana has a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art in London, where she worked with film and installation. She subsequently worked as a Production Designer, designing film sets. Her work has been featured on the BBC as well as Sundance Film Festival and the BFI Film Festival amongst others.

In 2020, after her son was born, she moved to Portugal, where she’s currently based, and retrained as a jeweller under the tutelage of the Portuguese goldsmith Joao P Melo.